• Our nursery & pre-school staff are at least Level 2 Early Years Workforce qualified (or equivalent), meet Ofsted requirements & have been thoroughly DBS checked.

Our Team

All Clayhall Nursery and Pre-School team members are specially selected for their skills and compassion to provide safe, innovative and fun care to all Clayhall children.

All current and future Clayhall team members are scrutinized to ensure they meet all Ofsted and Disclosure and Barring Service requirements. These checks are maintained on an ongoing basis.

Our team are at least Level 2 Early Years Workforce or equivalent qualified. We are only as good as our staff, so we encourage all ideas to improve the nursery and rooms and insist on ongoing training and qualifications. Team members also receive safeguarding children, first aid, fire safety and food preparation training.

The Clayhall team have an excellent relationship with parents. Some of our team are even coming up to 10 year’s service and have looked after brothers and sisters from the same family!

If you are interested in career opportunities with us, please email info@clayhallnursery.co.uk

Message from our Manager/Deputy Manager and team members….

Nursery Manager - Danni Greenwood

I have been employed by Clayhall Nursery & Pre-School since December 2008. I started when I was 17 as a student and instantly felt at home. The staff showed so much love for the children and each other, everyone clicked and the entire nursery felt very homely. I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position within a couple of months. Over the years I have learnt a lot, from being a student to becoming the nursery manager (this shows a company has faith in their staff and allows them to grow).

I have seen lots of children grow in this nursery, from tiny babies who are now moving onto secondary school to my own child joining us. Parents have come back with more children or have brought their children back and given us amazing reviews on how bringing them to Clayhall Nursery helped them in preparation for school and also gave them the chance to do activities they wouldn’t necessarily have done at home as well as being given the opportunity to interact with other children their own age

There has been lots of fun times here at the nursery and recently a lot of exciting changes. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Clayhall Nursery with our new directors.

Deputy Manager & Elephants Room Leader - Claire Kelsey

I have worked in childcare for the last 12 years and I love my job, I have always wanted to work with children. I like to explore and watch them develop through the activities. I really enjoy messy play and have new ideas to try out with the children all the time. I have overcome a few issues during my time in childcare as I am dyslexic so have had to work out solutions to issues with certain word or reading sometimes.  I have trained in Special Needs and have my Makaton training.

At Clayhall Nursery & Pre-School I have developed new skills and I started at the nursery as a room leader within six months became the deputy manager. I felt at ease at Clayhall and was welcomed by everyone. I have now been part the team for two and half years. Staff here are lovely, caring and supporting, with many years’ experience between them. Your child will enjoy a range of activities and socializing with children of different ages. I have had the pleasure of supporting many children at the nursery and watching them move up the nursery. I have also had the opportunity to have the younger brothers or sister come to the nursery and support their learning to. This shows what faith the parents have in the nursery.

I am looking forward to seeing all the new changes and seeing what the future holds for Clayhall Nursery & Pre-School.

  • The team also receives training in relation to safeguarding of children, first aid, fire safety and food preparation.
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